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About Body Wisdom


Digestive Wellness​

Healthy Cooking / Meal Planning

Optimizing for Fertility

Mindset Work and Goal Setting

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Injury Recovery Bodywork

Cupping and Thai Yoga Massage

Our Philosophy

At BODY WISDOM, we do things a little differently. It's a full circle approach. Most clients arrive in need of massage or nutrition counseling, but stay for the continued learning on all aspects of their health. We offer various modalities and apply them when most appropriate as your needs change over the years.

One particular client began her journey as a prenatal client, then became a deep tissue client for many years, and recently started a new chapter that includes energy work at every session.

Another client spent many years requesting only deep tissue focus sessions where we worked only neck, back, and shoulders. Now we've expanded our treatment plan to include full body sessions, Thai yoga massage sessions, and focus work with cupping as needed.

Another VIP has always received monthly general wellness full body sessions. She's explored most of our other offerings including hot stone therapy, energy work, body polish massage and scrub, aromatherapy and more. We've done spiritual work and nutrition coaching together, focusing on optimizing for fertility. We switch up the treatments as needed. If her body hurts, we do therapeutic table work. If she's stressed, we focus on getting the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in- the bodies' relaxation response.

We evolve and grow together. We make a treatment plan together. Learn and explore all facets of your wellness together. You'll have a health advocate on your side at all times. What will your path look like? We can help you set the goals and achieve them.

About Lori

I've been known as a few things, but at work I'm a holistic nutrition and wellness coach, and bodyworker. I started in the health and wellness industry straight out of high school in 2005, where I suffered my first serious bout of sciatica. I was soon off to see a chiropractor where I learned first about ice regimens, stretching, self-massage, and best sleeping positions. I was immediately drawn to the idea of self-care.

I had always dreamed of being a doctor or nurse as a child, and as fate would have it, I decided to enter a massage therapy program while awaiting acceptance to the local nursing program. I began working in the field at a chiropractic office in 2006, specializing in injury recovery and deep tissue- with sciatica and piriformis syndrome becoming my specialty, as it showed up in the office time and time again. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a client out of pain or helping them meet their health goals. 

I am the eternal student, and still always learning, continuing my studies in various modalities. I've studied meditation, fertility, and holistic nutrition, to name a few. I've studied holistic wellness, Thai yoga massage, Reiki energy work, and cupping. I offer one of a kind, signature wellness programs.

I am licensed in both MA and NH and my client list continues to grow across the country as my offerings have moved into the virtual space. Not sure where our journey together will start? Reach out and let's get the conversation started.

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