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Is crying good for you?

Here’s a fun fact... did you know CRYING is one of only two ways our body can process out the stress hormone, cortisol?

Most often the pressure is on our liver to process out all of our hormones and toxins in our system. Give your liver a break.. One of the best things you can do for yourself to destress is to have a good cry! One of the best things you can do for OTHERS is to lovingly listen to them while they cry... Don’t try to offer advice or stop them, try simply listening with a relaxed attitude and a loving look in your eye.

Children also need to be listened to while they cry- not to be distracted, shushed, shamed, ignored, or punished. When you listen in a relaxed way, with loving acceptance, they can cry out their difficult feelings (and the stress hormone) and soon the storm will begin to pass. The result is more relaxed and aware children, and closer bonding and love between you!

Grab a box of tissues, and put on your favorite tear-jerker movie tonight to give your liver a break and de-stress!

Don’t miss out in the private Facebook group, we are doing the full month of April, focused on mini challenges for de-stressing our lives by way of little additions to our normal routine. Pictures and videos to keep it fun too. See you over in Sacred Healing Space with Lori Lupo.


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