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Tired all the time?

If you’ve been feeling low on energy, the first goal should be figuring out the cause. It’s important to rule out underlying issues such as anemia or thyroid problems.. Maybe you are sleeping poorly, too stressed, or pushing yourself too hard at the gym? Whatever the cause, I have some science backed fixes!

If you’re not getting good quality sleep, I recommend relaxing with theanine (the main amino acid in tea leaves.) It promotes relaxation without sedation, so you shouldn’t feel groggy in the morning. You can also sip decaf green tea or take a theanine supplement which has been shown to promote overall alertness during the day and better sleep at night.

We could also discuss the benefit of melatonin and chamomile.... did you know the artificial lights from bedside lamps and our phone screens can mess with melatonin production? This is our natural hormone that helps you feel drowsy right before sleep. Supplements taken an hour or so before bedtime can help your body wind down. Chamomile is a mainstay in sleepy time teas and research suggests it may reduce night time awakenings and moderately improve daytime functioning.

If you’ve been really stressed out, I have a different recommendation list! Want to hear more? I’ve got more top suggestions for feeling more energized if mornings are tough, if you’re going hard at the gym, or if you just need more energy in general.. Lets keep the conversation open about how we can easily add in more natural and holistic options to keep us feeling our best!

Sweet dreams! Let’s get some rest and wake up feeling energized so we can keep living our best lives!

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