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So you hurt your back.. Now what?

I’m going to admit it, even though I hate to... I hurt my back shoveling during this first major winter blast of a snowstorm. I hate to admit because I feel like I should know better. I feel like I do all the “right” things that should prevent me from hurting my back. It’s somewhat true. But, in reality, I’m human. Of course it happens to me too. I like to think it helps me help you when my clients are the one in pain.

It was the perfect storm, if I ever did see one. I spent a good couple of days really lounging, just coming off the Thanksgiving long weekend. The extra lounging was much deserved, and I couldn’t wait to get back to work. Then, BAM, almost two feet of snow. I see you laughing up there, Mother Nature..

Honestly, the down time, too much time laying around makes most backs really cranky! Then, being fully unseasoned, I did more than I should have shoveling, which turned into full blown regret. The good news? I’ve got tons of tricks up my sleeve.

1.) Ice it up. I don’t care how cold it is outside or on your couch, wrap yourself up in blanket and make friends with that ice pack. Twenty- thirty minutes at a time. Every few hours. This is the all natural way of taking an anti-inflammatory, so if you hurt enough that someone else might reach for that Advil bottle, grab your ice pack instead.

2.) Get moving. Gently now. Don’t go crazy.. I certainly wasn’t going to be doing any of my normal weightlifting routine in this state. But stretching, being up, walking around. Less time horizontal, will be your friend, I promise you! Instead of weights, I kindly added in the Yoga with Adriene session below. Give it a shot. Now and slow...

3.) Epsom salt bath, ya’ll. It brought me the most relief out of all my remedies... it takes gravity out of the equation and allows you to feel weightless for a short time. The warmth gently soothes the muscles, allowing them to relax a bit (before I hit that ice pack again immediately following the bath!) Your body and muscles require quite a bit of magnesium for optimal functioning and healing, especially in a state like this. If you’re not getting enough from your diet, then we’ve got to find a way to add some extra in. This was a life saver.

4.) Ibuprofen. Honestly, I rarely ever take anything at all. I’d rather not. It’s so infrequent that I forget it’s an option. If you are really suffering, taking an anti-inflammatory every once in a blue moon is not going to hurt your system. I pinky swear. It’s eating it like candy that will damage your system. Please, please, if you are suffering, just take something to take the edge off while you work through the above remedies to get you feeling better sooner rather than later.

5.) Bodywork. Get in to see your chiropractor, and get in to see your massage therapist. If something is out of alignment or you have massive adhesions from stress of the holidays, family, snow removal, and all the usuals, get help from the professionals. It will get you moving the fastest.

Got more questions about self-care or how to help once you’re already feeling broken? Let’s get you booked in and we can create a tailored plan based on your particular needs. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, and that your first winter storm cleanup went well. If it didn’t, check out this list, and I’ll see you soon.

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