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The connection between diet, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer's disease

There is much talk about dietary connection to Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline as we age. Have you heard much about this? The Mediterranean Diet has been associated with slower cognitive decline and lower risk of Alzheimer’s. This is likely due to the diet’s higher focus on vegetables, beans, fruits, and nuts, and lower meat and dairy products.

Researchers have done some work to try to determine which particular pieces of this diet were most protective, and it seems to be the higher vegetable content and lower amounts of saturated fats. In a Harvard Women’s Health Study, it was found that women with the highest saturated fat content (from processed foods, meat, and dairy) had a 60-70 percent greater chance of cognitive deterioration over time. Those with the lowest saturated fat intake had, on average, the brain function of women six years younger!

If you needed a great reason to reach for some summer fresh fruits and vegetables, let this be it. They are discovering that the first stages of Alzheimer’s are silent, but begins far earlier than any symptoms are seen. It’s never too early or too late to start eating healthier! Dietary decisions you make now directly influence your health later in life, including the health of your brain.

Want to know more about the Mediterranean Diet? We aren’t talking vegan (if that's not your thing.) We aren’t talking about depriving yourself. That's NEVER my thing! We’re just talking about maximizing our efforts for an easier aging process, less brain fog and fatigue, and wasting less time, money, and effort. I’m all about that.

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